Last updated: Jan 2018

Stefan's Whitepapers

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Waterfall, Agile, or Lean?

Which type of framework is best for you ???

Jan 2018

Enduring Software Teams

Using a project mentality for software development is seriously flawed, inefficient and ultimately limiting.

Dec 2015

Software Development Supplier Transition

An approach for transitioning software and support services from one supplier to another

Mar 2016

Road to Dependable Software Delivery

Software development is not an exact science, but clients strive for dependability - what do we need to consider to attempt to reconcile the two?

Dec 2014

Stakeholder behavioural bias in EA

Stakeholders may present biased behaviour based on their memory or the manner in which information is presented. It is useful to be cognisant of common biases.

Jun 2014

Why IT Projects Fail?

Infographic presenting some of the research on the web around project failure - the "Black Swans".

Jun 2014

Contracting models for Agile

With a poor contract, an agile project can be in trouble before it even starts. What contracting options are there?

Mar 2014

Anatomy of a (software delivery) Team

What roles do we require in a software delivery project? How does a customer side project team differ from a supply side team.

Mar 2014

Methodical Options Appraisal

There are many decisions to make in life; Information Technology/Enterprise Architecture is no exception. We need to ensure we objectively look at options and appraise (assess) which ones are best for us.

Mar 2014

Behaviour Driven Development Overview

BDD has extended the agile practice of Test Driven Development, but what is it all about?

Feb 2014

Changing Software Development Trends

What can changes in Software Development web searches between 2007 and 2013 tell us about evolving interests in software development?

Jan 2014

Anatomy of a Risk

Identifying and working effectively with risks is key to a successful project delivery - driving the attention of the team onto what the real issues are (see also Risk Driven Development). Also included in this paper is a set of standard software development risks.

Dec 2013

The Software Developers' Charter

Having a software development background can give you a different perspective on the perils of project work. All too often, the software developer is left to pick up the pieces of a failing project; can we redress the balance and restore harmony?

Nov 2013

Beyond the V-model

The V-model has been a major influence in the software engineering community since the 80s. However, it appears out of place in today's agile iterative environment and takes no account of business value. In this paper, I introduce an alternative.

Nov 2013

Evolution in Software Engineering

From Boehm to North, Structured Programming to Dynamic Systems Development Method, this paper walks through the recent history of Software Engineering.

Nov 2013

Anatomy of a Requirement

When we need to use natural language, we need to ensure we can capture and manage requirements effectively.

Oct 2013

Embracing Lean Software Development

In our quest to align with Agile software development methods, have we forgotten to embrace lean?

Oct 2013


How do you work in a PRINCE2, ITIL and TOGAF environment?

Oct 2013

Risk Driven Development

Risk is present in everyday life, in this paper we explore how we can embrace this in the context of software development.

March 2013

RESTful Webservices for System Engineers

RESTful webservices are prevalent in enterprise architectures. This guide explores the bigger issues in a system/enterprise architecture context.

March 2013

PRINCE2 and Agile Development

Can PRINCE2 and Agile development methods really work together?